Welcome to our page of engraving ideas designed to help you decide on the words and symbols to have engraved on your jewellery gift.

Engraving Layout: When we engrave your jewellery we will centralise the text within the engravable area with line spacing and size of text laid out however we feel looks and works the best. This will depend on the length and number of words, the chosen font, size and shape of the area for engraving. If you would like to request a specific layout for your engraving then please feel free to request this in the Special Requests box on each page and we will do our best to accomodate your wishes.

Below is a selection of the symbols we can engrave on our charms, bracelets and necklaces. Please feel free to request other signs, images and symbols.

Twin Hearts Butterfly Symbol Horseshoe Engraving Horse Head Engraving Flower Engraving
Twin Hearts Butterfly Horseshoe Horse Flower
Wings in a heart Heart with Wings Angel Baby Angel Engraving Peace Symbol
Angel Wings in Heart Heart with Wings Angel Baby Angel Peace Symbol
Awareness Ribbon Footprints Engraving Dove Engraving Infinity Symbol Star Engraving
Awareness Ribbon Footprints Dove Infinity Symbol Star
Heart Symbol for Engraving Cross Paw Symbol Love Paw Print Yin Yang Symbol
Heart Twin Hearts Paw Love Paw Yin Yang

Memorial Engravings
Always in my heart
In our hearts
Forever loved
Cherished forever
Always with me/you
Always remembered
True love never dies
Born sleeping
Our angel
Gone too soon
Taken too soon
Special words
Special messages
Remembered forever
Thinking of you
Precious memories
Thank you for being you
In loving memory
Angel Mummy to...
Mummy to an angel
The brightest star
My little angel
Angel baby
Too beautiful for earth
For an angel
Never forget
The Brightest Star