Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for our Customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for our Customers.

We know you will have seen a lot of updates like this in the last few days, but we wanted to share this on behalf of the team at Gifts to Remember Ltd.

In circumstances which are unpredictable and challenging and while the Covid-19 situation is on everyone’s minds, we know this difficult time of uncertainty is having a huge impact on all our lives and we wanted to reassure you that the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and their families remains our top priority. Our whole community is of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.

We are continually monitoring the guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health England and are doing everything we can to make your experience as safe as possible. Our employees are following strict hygiene guidelines in line with the latest world health organisation recommendations. We are ensuring our staff are fully updated and take all the relevant precautions to help keep everyone safe.

We are currently operating ‘business as usual’ and will endeavour to fulfil all orders in the usual timely manner. If you are self-isolating and would like us to leave your order with a neighbour or in a safe place please add a note to your order.

We are committed to making the right decisions for you and will keep you up to date online, by email and through our social channels so please keep an eye on these for updated information. Thank you, as always, for your valued custom and support.

Our new website is now accessible to help you find the perfect gift.

Welcome to our updated website, we wanted to make it easier for you to select the perfect gift to remember a loved one. We hope you like our fresh new website and improved layout. We aimed to create a quality website to showcase our ethos of service excellence.

Someone Remembered offers a beautiful range of handmade sympathy and bereavement gifts including memorial bracelets and necklaces, Infant loss jewellery, engraved charms, Angel remembrance gifts and pet loss jewellery.

Find unique and special ways to remember a loved one. Designed in house to help you choose one of our heartfelt selection of jewellery and gifts to memorialise and cherish those you have loved and lost.

Please browse our full website here –


Beautiful Memorial Real Flower Jewellery

Beautiful memorial flower jewellery made with real flowers!

Our real flower jewellery gifts make lovely sentimental gifts for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Poppy or Forget me not jewellery, necklaces and bracelets.

Gift boxed and presented with the free “Thinking of you” gift card included.

This beautiful remembrance jewellery range should give you lots of ideas for ways to remember someone special forever. Free engraving is included on some items.

Fast Delivery in the UK.


Engraved Jewellery by Charming Engraving

When you choose a piece of jewellery you will probably consider how often you’d wear the piece, your budget and your taste in jewellery. Many customers will be looking for a personalised gift whether it be an engraved charm, necklace, bracelet or a piece of photo jewellery.

While there is a good range of personalised jewellery on our Someone Remembered website we have a huge range of engraved jewellery on our sister website Charming Engraving which may appeal to you with many items for Brother, Sister, Mum, Mummy, Dad, Daddy, Nan, Nanny, Auntie, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Granddaughter, Grandson, Goddaughter, Godson, Godmother, Flower Girl, Bridesmaid and Bride.

The sterling silver jewellery is lighter in weight and perfect for her, whereas the stainless steel is slighty heavier, more hardwearing, suitable for everyday wear and perfect for both men and women, it really comes down to personal taste as to which style you prefer. Whichever range you choose, we have a huge selection of styles.

Below is an example of the many pieces handmade for our customers on the Charming Engraving Website.

engraved-photo-charm-heart-on-heart-bail-2026-p 934587170_o pearl-bracelet-with-engraved-heart-314-p sterling-silver-beaded-medical-bracelet-269-p  engraved-necklace-for-boys-steel-ball-chain-[2]-2249-p engravable-heart-necklace-with-crystals-516-p engraved-heart-necklace-with-birthstone-and-pearl-1163-p beautiful-bracelet-with-photo-charm-and-engraving-5256-p photo-necklace-with-heart-pendant-sterling-silver-chain-5285-p beaded-bracelet-with-photo-and-engraving-on-heart-or-disc-5240-p dog-keyring-with-engraving-278-p - Copy man-s-leather-bracelet-optional-engraving-for-dad-son-etc-1695-p

Photo Memorial Jewellery

At Someone Remembered we offer a lovely range of custom made, personalised sympathy gifts and memoral jewellery to keep and to treasure.

Many items can be personalised with free engraving of any words, names or dates.  Images can be engraved on to some pieces of jewellery, photo’s can also be added to other items using the sublimation process which fuses the image into the coating under high temperature which results in vibrant colours and a very durable surface.

Images on our Photo Jewellery can be added in black and white or colour.

A beautiful range of photo jewellery and photo gifts which make perfect sympathy gifts and gifts to remember a loved one including Special Mother, Special Father, Special Grandma, Special Nanny, Special Daughter… a special item of jewellery which you will be able to wear so they are with you at all times.

Shop now at

memorial-necklace-with-photo-diamond-pendant-sterling-silver-chain-654-p  10306322_320876021433801_359922572119867358_n remembrance-bracelet-with-photo-charm-[4]-286-p  permanent-image-dogtag-necklace-296-p

Pet Loss Remembrance Jewellery

Given the intense bond most of us share with our animals, it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a pet dies. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend.

For many people a pet is not “just a dog or a cat,” they are well loved members of our family.

Grief can be complicated, for example, if your pet was a working dog or a helper animal such as a PAT dog or guide dog, then you’ll not only be grieving the loss of a companion but also the loss of a coworker or the loss of your independence. If you cared for your pet through a long illness, it is quite likely that you grew to love him even more. If you lived alone and the pet was your only companion, coming to terms with this loss can be even harder.

Someone Remembered has designed a beautiful range of personalised pet memorial gifts and jewellery all with your much loved pet in mind, whether it was a Cat, Dog, Horse or any other pet .

Whether as a gentle loving reminder for yourself or a gift of kindness for a friend, our pet loss jewellery is all made to order to your exact requirements.

FAST and FREE Delivery in the UK!

pet-photo-compact-mirror-373-p 10991113_354440841410652_1844531002343271162_n personalised-pet-name-bracelet-with-paw-charm-405-p pawprints-on-your-heart-necklace-136-p  10982235_360921344095935_4616433442850341225_n pet-loss-keyring-dogtag-351-p pet-loss-keyring-heart-350-p pet-loss-pearl-bracelet-with-photo-charm-335-p large-paw-personalised-keyring-620-p photo-charm-with-engraving-heart-290-p 12345538_516599898528078_2599214883242567909_n pet-loss-trinket-pot-with-engraving-347-p


Poppy Jewellery – The Remembrance Poppy


During the spring of 1915,  a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, who had recently  lost a friend in Ypres,was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battle-scarred fields to write the now famous poem called ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Following the First World War, the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance.

Today, they are mainly used in the UK and Canada to commemorate their servicemen and women who have been killed in all conflicts since 1914.

The remembrance poppy is especially prominent in the UK. In the weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday they are distributed by The Royal British Legion in return for donations to their “Poppy Appeal” which supports all current and former British military personnel.

We offer several pieces of Real Flower Jewellery  in the Poppy Collection which make lovely gifts for people who love to wear their poppy with pride on Remembrance Day.


poppy-spiral remembrance-necklace-poppy-collection-heart-optional-engraving-233-p



Gemstone Healing After Loss Jewellery

A New and Unique Range of Healing and Sympathy Bracelets and Necklaces.

Gemstone jewellery for healing after the loss of a loved one.

Used as an alternative medicine by crystal healing therapists, some gemstones are believed to have powerful healing properites. Whilst not a substitute for orthodox medicine, many people believe they can be beneficial to health, especially if they are held in the hand or worn against the body.

Made with carefully chosen Semi-precious gemstones used from the list below and .925 Sterling silver parts.
Rose Quartz: Perhaps the greatest of all the healing stones. For healing of emotional and physical wounds. The stone for love.

Amethyst: Calming and soothing.  Said to enhance spiritual awareness.  Working on the central nervous system and improving restful sleep.

Carnelian:  For detoxifying and rejuvenating the body, increasing energy and aiding physical healing. Also for improving endurance and courage.

Flourite: Balancing and stabilising. Said to strengthen and support during times of difficulty or change. Protecting and healing.

Rock Crystal: Said to enhance the qualities of the stones around it.  Protecting and deflecting negative energy.

Hematite: Grounding, calming and soothing. Helpful in reduction of stress and high blood pressure.

Aventurine: For Perseverance and optimism. Energising and improving circulation. Especially helpful in healing ailments of the heart.

Moonstone: Especially helpful to women in balancing the natural energy within the body. Cleansing and supporting the body in the healing process.

Amazonite: Helpful in stressful situations. Works on the nervous system and brain.
Helpful in the grieving process.

Some items can be personalised with free engraving, please see our full range –

moonstone-and-amazonite-healing-necklace-260-p amethyst-and-rose-quartz-healing-necklace-257-p carnelian-healing-necklace-253-pmoonstone-and-amazonite-healing-bracelet-184-p amethyst-quartz-healing-bracelet-181-p carnelian-healing-bracelet-182-p



Bronia West, Clairvoyant Medium


Losing a loved one can often prompt an interest into exploring spiritual interests and opening the mind to new ideas.

One of the many interesting people we have come across recently is a lady local to us in Norwich, Bronia West.

Bronia works as a spiritual medium, crystal practitioner and reiki healer and lives with her husband of 24 years and has 2 grown up children.

For 19 years Bronia has been on her own spiritual journey which she describes as an emotional rollercoaster throughout which she has maintained a strong conviction that this pathway was chosen for her. She is now a mentor and teacher to many others, helping them to further their knowledge and confidence in the healing properties of crystals and the spirit world.

In her crystal healing work she uses her knowledge of a variety of crystals whose properties can assist in many forms of healing such as helping someone come to terms with a bereavement or helping to heal physical illness.

Bronia says that the colour of each crystal plays a very important role in the healing process and each crystal carries an energy of its own which can help balance and release emotions to restore a sense of wellbeing, inner peace and harmony.

In her work as a Spiritual Medium Bronia offers both personal readings as well as Clairvoyance evenings in local establishments such as restaurants, hotels and social clubs allowing each individual to experience evidential information through herself that our loved ones continue to evolve.

Bronia believes that every one of us never stops learning, growing and understanding how we work with our own unique spirit and also the spirit world. She endeavours to assist and support anyone who comes seeking to progress with their understanding/awareness of self and spirit.

Contact Bronia via her website

LillieBeth Memories and Dresses for Angels.

This week on our blog we would love to share with you the story of two wonderful ladies we recently discovered.

Shelley Batty and Lisa Jane Fletcher have set up a small charity making baby angel funeral packs for babies who have sadly passed too soon.

After both losing their beautiful baby girls Beth and Lillie Grace, they felt they wanted to help other bereaved families going through such a devastating experience.

Together they formed the Facebook group LillieBeth Memories and from there they began to arrange baby angel funeral packs to be donated to local hospitals and funeral homes or to be sent direct to any family following their loss.

They offer angel mummies a choice of what is in the box, but there is often a blanket, gown, knitted bonnet, candle and a love heart card with “made with love” inside. The angel gowns are all created by Shelley, other handmade items are lovingly made by volunteers.

The angel gowns are all made using donated wedding and prom dresses acquired via the Facebook page, Dresses for Angels.

Packs are mainly donated to hospitals in Halifax, Chesterfield and Barnsley, Shelley and Lisa are looking to contact hospitals further afield but they can be requested by anyone.

Do you know someone who is doing an amazing job to help others suffering  from a bereavement of any kind? We’d love to hear about them. Perhaps they might like to be featured in our blog?

You may contact us at


angel-7 angel-6