Pet Loss Remembrance Jewellery

Given the intense bond most of us share with our animals, it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a pet dies. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend.

For many people a pet is not “just a dog or a cat,” they are well loved members of our family.

Grief can be complicated, for example, if your pet was a working dog or a helper animal such as a PAT dog or guide dog, then you’ll not only be grieving the loss of a companion but also the loss of a coworker or the loss of your independence. If you cared for your pet through a long illness, it is quite likely that you grew to love him even more. If you lived alone and the pet was your only companion, coming to terms with this loss can be even harder.

Someone Remembered has designed a beautiful range of personalised pet memorial gifts and jewellery all with your much loved pet in mind, whether it was a Cat, Dog, Horse or any other pet .

Whether as a gentle loving reminder for yourself or a gift of kindness for a friend, our pet loss jewellery is all made to order to your exact requirements.

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pet-photo-compact-mirror-373-p 10991113_354440841410652_1844531002343271162_n personalised-pet-name-bracelet-with-paw-charm-405-p pawprints-on-your-heart-necklace-136-p  10982235_360921344095935_4616433442850341225_n pet-loss-keyring-dogtag-351-p pet-loss-keyring-heart-350-p pet-loss-pearl-bracelet-with-photo-charm-335-p large-paw-personalised-keyring-620-p photo-charm-with-engraving-heart-290-p 12345538_516599898528078_2599214883242567909_n pet-loss-trinket-pot-with-engraving-347-p


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